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Memoires and an Eloquent Emigration
into Literary Exile

KD Regenbrecht, a German author born in 1950, writes his memoires in English and not in his native language. Why? He says, “I owe the English language just as much as German wkd regenbrechtith regard to financial and literary aspects. It’s about time that I decently consider that.” Right: Official press photo 2017 (bigger version here).

Born into post-war Germany with the Allied Forces still omnipresent, he was soon willing to commit himself to certain aspects of the American Way of Art. First it was rock-music, from The Beach Boys to Bob Dylan, then it was literature from Robinson Jeffers to Ernest Hemingway and later from Paul Auster to Thomas Pynchon.There are two other important aspects, he states. His second language granted him greater distance from the subject of his project, his life, his past, and his work. Second, since he has not mastered English to the same degree as German, he hopes for simpler, clearer, and thus more readable language. Not to mention that there are many more native speakers and non-native readers of English in the world compared to German.

Regenbrecht, who has written 20 books of poetry, short stories, novels, essays, and a play, chose a big book format to do justice to the many color prints, because his work includes paintings and graphics as well.
The reader is taken through seven decades of living and working, writing and travelling, love and loss, pain and success. We accompany him through the poor and oppressive 1950s in post-war Germany, the pubescent pop era of the 1960s, the 1970s and his studies, the 1980s and 1990s seeing his family life and first steps as an author. We see his personal crises and big break in 2001, from which he took quite some time to recover.

Paradise with Black Spots and Bruises is a picturesque yet painful, eloquent yet elaborate, unsentimental yet sensitive journey into the past and present of someone who experienced a lot and knows how to tell a story.

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