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Tabu Litu - a fragmentary document in nine books
by Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht


An excerpt from:

Book 7: The Hunter and the Hunted: Death of a Double (short story)
Under a pretext, Kado Rotzner is enticed into going to Rome where he involuntarily becomes involved in machinations which result in him and a cameraman ending up in the midst of the civil war in Bosnia. The cameraman is killed trying to save a young woman from Serbian soldiers and Kado is badly wounded.

An excerpt: Karl-Dorian (Kado) and Angela in their little hotel room in Rome after their first night together.

When I woke in the morning, I had been sleeping like a log. Angela was already buoyant and busy with gymnastic exercises, while she hummed and murmered silently. Despite her ample pelvis she was unbelievably supple. Memory came back to me and reminiscences restored me. Her naked body moved measuredly and as if in trance. Her bronze shimmering skin harmonized perfectly with the old wood in the room and sometimes the sun, filtering through coarse-meshed curtains, would throw fine light onto her arched and tense parts of the body. Angel of the morning.

Angela planted herself before me, her back in my face, and the line of her back and buttocks would have blown any painter’s sane mind. She breathed deeply and mumbled silently again. But the struggle with herself didn’t seem too pleasant. She bent forward. Her lumbar vertebra shone like gigantic pearls between two strong muscular cords, both curved and lost in infinity. What were they meant to be? Two split parables or rainbows of brown complexion?  Close to the black hole a dot. Her coccyx was prominent, not centered deep in the valley between her buttocks, but slightly displaced and swelling on the left side. Her face appeared upside down between her straddled thighs, blazing red hair dangling to the floor. She’d grown an pointed beard overnight. I raised synchronously to her declining movements.

„Hi, hello! Good morning, darling Karl, how are you?“

„Thanks, I’m not quite sure yet. I think I was alright last night.”

“That’s absolutely right.”

She straightened up again, skipped to loosen up and caused even more damage to me.

“I’ve got to do that, Kado. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Carry on, carry on, Angela. Your morning gymnastics will make the dead see again the pleasures of life. Are you a gymnastics teacher?”

“Something like that, yes.”

She concentrated again and joined her hands above her head and began a belly dancing, and the most Oriental of all Eastern music commenced to wail and yowl in my head.

"Don’t mind,baby. I’ve got to do this every morning."

I didn’t mind, but she saw, what was on my mind and perfected her belly dance on my belly.

“And now what about a good breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Have a look at the time.“

Past eleven, so I ran to the little shop on the corner, got some fruit and milk and ciabatta. It was already pretty hot outside and we had a silent breakfast in our room.

Translation from German by the author (© 2001 Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht)
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