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Tabu Litu - a fragmentary document in nine books
by Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht


An excerpt from:

Book 5: The Border, the River and the Drama (novel)
A novel about reunification in West Berlin! Set in the squatter and theatre scene and in the Berlin taxi driver milieu, this novel portrays the events of August 1989 to March 1990 from an unusual perspective and as a sort of live report. It was written as the events unfolded and came out right on time on the 3rd October 1990. A real pleasure to read, a pulsating melting pot: an exciting story, sex and crime, topicality and the world of the theatre, an absolutely vibrant book. The main characters are two girlfriends, a playwright and a taxi driver.

"Gudrun changed down a gear, moved closer, closer to me, arm in arm in the end, it was below zero Celsius anyway, the people moved to and fro, because we are the people, people in love, in love up to the eyes, gentlemen, your eyes would not believe it, they registered it with astonishment, WAHSINN was the word in that night of unbelievable wonder, the night when wild horses couldn't have made me climb the anti-fascists bulwark.

And I of course followed Gudrun onto that anti-fascists' protecting wall without a word of contradiction. First I helped her onto the wall. For a single moment I felt enormous physical strength; Gudrun is a featherweight. She put her right foot into my cupped hands, jumped off and stretched her leg powerfully until I had her zipper close to my nose. I held my breath, didn't dare to take a deep breath of her perfume. She didn't climb on up right away, but graciously bent down to me and looked me in the eyes:
"Switch on all your senses again, Winnely. You're never gonna experience something like this again, never in your whole life."

She kissed me quickly, but not quickily enough to not drain me of all of my enormous physical strength. Because now, as she stretched out her legs again to reach those helping hands from above, my weak knees gave way, leaving Gudrun stuck in the air.

"Hey, Softy, stiffen yourself or you'll never get me up!

Without that wall in my back I never would have managed to straighten up. I had just been overwhelmed by the feeling of triumph after this athletic performance when I experienced the next knock-out. Gudrun had kissed me. She had put her right foot in my cupped hands, her left was still resting on the ground, East Berlin ground by the way. With her left leg she now jumped off a second time and stretched out her right one. She then put her left leg on my right shoulder. But before she drew up her right leg to put it on my left shoulder, she kicked her right shoe tip where it hurts the most. Knock-out. Faster than I could collapse Gudrun had put her right foot on my head, jumped off, hanging from those helping hands. I was squatting in the East German dust in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

"Come on, Winne, come on up, it's fantastic up here!"

I was determined at all costs to save my life und leave that miserable place right away where further disasters were all I could expect. All this climbing could easily be the death of you, as they aptly say. But I, Softy, had already been grabbed by three sombre looking punks who heaved me onto the wall. The man of letters had changed into a man of ladders. And all of my fears seemed to be coming true, because the mood on the wall was becoming anything but cozy. Policemen from east and west were urging everyone to stay calm. The guys on the wall were shouting pretty stupid and aggressive crap. They were all younger than thirty. They all were neo-conservative, if not worse. On the other side of the wall people were rushing through the Brandenburger Tor, slaloming through the columns. Incomprehensible, simply incomprehensible what was happening there. Wantonness or freedom?

Translation from German by the author ( 2001 Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht)
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