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Tabu Litu - a fragmentary document in nine books
by Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht


OVERVIEW of all nine books:
(vice versa their date of publishing, links take you to excerpts)

The three novels "Rhineland-Papers", "Stella's Promotion" and "The Border, the River and the Drama", and the short story "The Hunter and the Hunted" are available at They are in German!

Book 9: The Rhineland Papers or Book Tricks
The whole story revolves around the gold of the Nibelungen, which is in reality Nazi gold. During a performance of Wagner's Rheingold opera at the German Corner in Koblenz, hostage-takers blow open the entrance to the treasure in the monument and escape for ever. Without knowing it, Dr. Plittner, a friend of Kado Rotzner's, is involved in this case and is arrested by the police. The two friends have to delve deep and long into the past to find an answer to the many mysteries confronting them. A grandiose novel set in the romantic Rhineland and displaying a lot of the charm of the Rhine, a novel which keeps taking the protagonist back to the USA, a novel in a novel which is being worked on by the members of a writers' workshop. With great skill, Claudia Zickler, an expert in creative writing, tries to intertwine the people in real life, to sexually entangle them, so that she ends up with her material. Kado is a member of her workshop, her husband is the public prosecutor who puts Plittner behind bars. At the end, however, they manage together to throw light on the dark.

Book 8: sum mor tym (Poems about the seasons and a lecture)
The title could be read as "some more time" or "summertime" or Latin something like "I am mortal". Leading on from the poems in Book 1, this is a lyrical presentation of daily life in the nineties. The three long poems are worth particular mention. One is an apocalyse after the last big bang (beyond comprehension, as it says in the text), the other is a continuous report without commas or full stops of feelings and thoughts during a mountain bike tour. The third and last one is an imaginery outing to Marlboro Country (cunt-tree, which explains the title "Im Mösenbaum)".

Book 7: The Hunter and the Hunted: Death of a Double (short story)
Under a pretext, Kado Rotzner is enticed into going to Rome where he involuntarily becomes involved in machinations which result in him and a cameraman ending up in the midst of the civil war in Bosnia. The cameraman is killed trying to save a young woman from Serbian soldiers and Kado is badly wounded.

Book 6: Stella's Promotion (novel)
The novel as an adventure. The scene of this novel stretches from Borneo to Berlin. Proceeding from the hypothetical assumption that genetic and linguistic development are related in individuals as they are in mankind in general, this offers, on the one hand, undreamt-of healing possibilities (for AIDS, for example) but also for manipulating the masses through "contaminated" texts. The novel tells the story of the zoologist Stella Stomski, the seaman Samuel Spieker and daughter Mona Stomski, whose name is an allusion to the linguist Noam Chomsky.

Book 5: The Border, the River and the Drama (novel)
A novel about reunification in West Berlin! Set in the squatter and theatre scene and in the Berlin taxi driver milieu, this novel portrays the events of August 1989 to March 1990 from an unusual perspective and as a sort of live report. It was written as the events unfolded and came out right on time on the 3rd October 1990. A real pleasure to read, a pulsating melting pot: an exciting story, sex and crime, topicality and the world of the theatre, an absolutely vibrant book. The main characters are two girlfriends, a playwright and a taxi driver.

Book 4: Stories
This is a compilation of a wide range of stories of up to 15 pages. Trips in shit-ridden Amsterdam, ironic erotic adventures, excursions into science fiction, short whodunnits and the completely way-out short version of a kitschy doctor novel about Limone PC-Peiniger, Docker Bocker and Draisine Oberweite, taking place in the Bavarian Alps.

Book 3: text and grafics
Very experimental! This book demonstrates just about everything you can do with language (German as well as English). Text-picture combinations as well as linguistic parodies, language mutilation and alienation. At the same time, this book is extremely unusual and extremely witty!

Book 2: Antibodies (short story)
A whodunnit set in the student milieu of the seventies. Some young girl gymnasts are killed in mysterious circumstances. The motives appear to lie in the renaissance of an Aryan-Nordic physical culture which was once part of the Nazi ideology. Seen through the eyes of Kado Rotzner, a student of sport who together with the sister of one of the murdered girls succeeds in solving the murders.

Book 1: Poems
Partly in classical rhyming tradition, partly in free verse. Honouring American poets such as Theodore Roethke, Robert Lowell, Allen Ginsberg or Adrienne Rich, but only subtly so.

Some parts of the texts may be considered adult stuff!

The complete rights for all of my books are still available. And some of my stories have a pretty good plot for a movie. So if you are interested, get in contact. info at tabulitu dot com

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