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KD Regenbrecht
c/o Tabu Litu Verlag
Silberstr. 50
D-56077 Koblenz
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Tabu Litu - a fragmentary document in nine books
by Klaus-Dieter Regenbrecht



29. April 1950 born near Bremen; moved to Koblenz.

1971 Abitur (German school leaving examination and qualification for university entrance).

1973 study of Americanistics/Anglistics and Sports in Tübingen, later moved to Bonn.

1974 first literary works are initiated by an intensive study of contemporary American lyrics (Ginsberg, Roethke, Lowell et al)

In the mid eighties: decision to become a writer

1984 Tabu Litu book 1 "poems" published.

1985 - 1996 honorary engagement for regional literature.

Since 1992 teacher for creative writing.

Since 1998 worldwide.

1999 Tabu Litu book 9  "The Rhineland-Papers" published

2001 online

2002 "CONTINUITY - Hitchcocks, Pocahontas", a thriller that takes place in the Bavaria Film Studios (Munich, Germany), around the Starnberger Lake, and the Alps (this novel could perfectly be transferred as a novel or a movie to Hollywood, the Pacific Ocean and the California Coast Hills).
A synopsis is available here


The complete rights for all of my books are still available. And some of my stories have a pretty good plot for a movie. So if you are interested, get in contact.

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